Vicarage Lane Planning Appeal

Dear residents

As you may already know, the developers who are looking to build on Vicarage Lane have lodged an appeal against the council’s decision to refuse their planning application.

The appeal form was received by the Planning Inspectorate last week, and we expect it will be validated at some point this week. The form can be viewed by logging on to the WCBC Planning Portal using the link below and searching for planning application reference P/2018/1063. It is available in the ‘Documents’ tab of the planning case file. Please visit to search the WCBC online planning portal.

If you lodged an objection against theriginal planning application, WCBC should shortly be writing to you to with details of the appeal and the appeal process. This correspondence should include all the information you will need on how to make your views on development known to the inspector. We will also make sure to keep everyone informed of how they can comment on the appeal and all the relevant deadlines.

You will notice from the appeal application form that the developer has requested that the appeal take the form of a hearing. It is ultimately for the inspector to decide what form the appeal assessment will take. If it is decided to take the case to a hearing, this will involve a public meeting during which the inspector will ask questions of the appellant and the local planning authority. Members of the public and interested third parties are entitled to attend the hearing and the inspector will also usually ask if anyone else present wishes to speak about the appeal application. In short, if a hearing is held, you will have a chance to speak and make your views known.

In addition to speaking at the hearing, you will also be able to make your views known to the inspector in writing. All the written representations that were made by members of the public and other consultees as part of the original planning application will be passed to the inspector for consideration during the appeal. However, you will also have the opportunity make additional written representations regardless of whether you commented on the original planning application. These can be submitted via the Planning Inspectorate online portal. We hope that the forthcoming letter from WCBC will make us all aware of the timescales involved for submitting these representations, and we will keep everyone informed once more information is available. We will also provide a guide on how to submit your representations once the time comes.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch and we will keep you updated as things progress.


Vicarage Lane Action Group